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Rock and Move represents all women, from all walks of life, who are the rocks of the community and keep moving to strive for their own personal bests.

Rock and Move was created by a woman in the height of a global pandemic, with the aim of creating an athleisure brand which makes sense – to everyone. So, whether you lift weights, run, walk, play sports, do yoga, or just appreciate comfortable clothing to do your errands in, we aim to meet your needs and provide you with the best fits, quality, and service.

Rock and Move is a UK based company, and all products are designed, chosen, and approved by the owner of the company, Monika.

Rock and Move was created by Monika, a 40 year old, civil servant, during the pandemic. Monika has gone through her own journey of trying to find athleisure wear which met all her needs, both in and out of the gym, whilst keeping her comfortable and without a hefty price tag. Following some research, Monika found out that she was not alone, and after speaking with several suppliers and trying different samples, Rock and Move’s first collection was bought to life. Monika is fully hands on within the business and works closely with the team to ensure the products and service is second to none.  

When not working the 9-5 and busy with everything Rock & Move, Monika enjoys relaxing at home with a good book and a cheeseboard or being out enjoying what the UK has to offer. Monika recently climbed Mount Snowdon, wearing the daily leggings as a base layer, which in her own words ‘did not fail her’. You can find Monika on our Instagram page, doing Q&A’s, which, if you missed, you will find in the highlights, you may also spot her on the occasional Instagram post. 

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Meet Our Models


Age: 37 

Height: 5’3 

Legging size: 12 

Top size: 10 

Bra Size: 34DD 

Hi my name is Amanda, I am a social worker and a busy mum.  In my spare time I enjoy travelling, my favourite destination to date has been America, where I have been multiple times, and enjoyed skiing in Vermont and playing roulette in Las Vegas. When in the UK, I enjoy socialising with my friends and family, and working my through all the latest gins.  

In the first Rock and Move collection, I really love the daily leggings as they have 3 pockets on each side so I can carry my phone, and keys and have my hands free. I wear these leggings when I do my HITT classes and when I am running my domestic errands.  


Age: 36 

Height: 5’2 

Legging size: 12 

Top size: 10 

Bra Size: 34DD 

Hey, my name is Amrita and I work as a care manager in a domiciliary home care company. Work keeps me busy, therefore in my spare time I have a keen interest in ayurvedic practice, love to relax with meditation and yoga, and spending some quality time with friends and family.   

The first Rock and Move collection has given me the confidence to wear form fitting leggings with a top that keeps me comfortable whilst working out. I specifically love the material on both the daily and essential leggings and a bonus is that they do not roll, regardless of what I am doing, which is something I have always found with other leggings. My go to top is the split back top, as I can wear it loose when I am out and about, or weight training, or tie it up for a more fitted feel, which is great when I am doing yoga. I can confidently say the quality of the collection can be matched with those of other well known brands.  


Age: 20 

Height: 5’6 

Legging size: 6 

Top size: 6 

Bra size: 32C 

Hi, my name is Anne, I am a university student in my second year doing film and production, an area in which to build a career. In my spare time, I like to do photography, mainly of people but I also enjoy scenic photography. I also like to socialise with my friends and family and enjoy going out. 

My favourite item from the Rock and Move collection was the essential tee as it multi-functional meaning I can wear it when I work out and also where it when I am out and about or at uni. I love the fact that all the items are well made and perfect for all body shapes and sizes.  


Age: 26 

Height: 5’7 ½ (we all know the ½ is important) 

Legging size: 10 

Top size: 10 

Bra Size: 34C  

Hi everyone, my name is Ashley, I am a student, studying mental health nursing as well as working part time in my local hospital. I enjoy spending time with my 2 sisters who are my best friends. During my time off you can normally find me by the coast, as I miss being by the sea since I left my home country of Jamaica. Unlike most Jamaicans, I am not a cook, thankfully I have a sister who loves it, but I do enjoy having a great time and making the most of life.   

The quality of the first Rock and Move collection is everything I need in my wardrobe. Being a student, the pricing of the collection allows me to have good quality clothing without paying a hefty price tag. The material is soft, providing the right level of support, don’t roll or scrunch up and the colours compliment me and whatever I am doing. I work out at home and my routine can range from HITT to yoga, so this collection is perfect, so whether I am in the warrior pose or working up a sweat, I know my outfit ‘fits my body right’ and will not let me down.  


Age: 48

Height: 5’3

Legging size: 14 

Top size: 16 

Bra Size: 34F  

I work as a sales manager and a mum to a sporty teen, so I feel like I need to keep up with sports and fitness! I enjoy swimming and walking. I am an avid traveller and so have racked up 66 countries, which range from remote destinations like the Skeleton Coast in Namibia and the scenic islands and archipelagos of the Indian and Pacific Ocean to the bustling cities like Istanbul and Rio.  

I love wearing different items from the Rock and Move collection, If I’m out for a walk, the daily leggings are amazing as I don’t have to take a bag for my keys and phone. The material is so smooth and soft which makes it easy to wear and the colour options are both gorgeous and allows me to stay within my style and comfort zones. Best of all the price is very reasonable but the quality is competitive to the big name brands.


Age: 52 

Height: 5’3 

Legging size: 12 

Top size: 12/14 

Bra Size: 36C  

Hi, I am Sandra, I am a manager within the social care sector and a mother of 2 boys and a proud nanna. As most people I love to travel, both near and far as well spending quality time with my family and friends. You can normally catch me having a spa day, hitting the shops or at the park with the little ones.  

I train outside, where my trainer puts me through my paces, therefore the Rock and Move collection works for me, as well as satisfying my inner fashionista. My go to pieces is the daily leggings and the yellow crop top, which keep me comfortable and not worrying about any rolling or sweat patches and the best part is I can layer the top as I need.   

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